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Skinboosters are the latest innovation to moisturize and erase wrinkles, sagging marks or acne marks on facial skin with products ...See More
Pristine is a machine that utilizes a skin shedding technology called microdermabrasion. It uses diamond crystals together with ...See More
Infusion™ is a machine that pushes substances into the skin using ionwaves at the right frequencies and electrical discharge ...See More
Elos Plus: A Laser Solves Every Skin Problem This latest Elos Technology innovation combines two parts of pure ...See More
A safe, new option with optimal results in dissolving excess fat and reducing cellulite without surgery.  Lipolysis can quickly ...See More
SygmaLift is the latest innovation for lifting and sculpting the face using ultrasound principles down to the SMAS levels. With ...See More
Infiniz Clinic's acne treatment program removes acne and restores smooth, whiter skin for your facial complexion. At Infiniz ...See More
 What can Thermage CPT treat? Thermage delivers monopolar RF which is the main principle for skin tightening, under Thermacool TM ...See More
This service from Infiniz Clinic meets the needs of patients looking for smooth skin by eliminating undesirable hair with elos ...See More
"I has used the makeover botox and filler injection service. All I can say is that the doctor was very professional and good like his reputation. I was not disappointed with the results. I'm glad I chose Infiniz Clinic.”
- Khun Beau -
"The clinic is clean, for me it’s the most important criteria while choosing new spots. The staff is friendly and what I like most is its privacy .. Read more
- Ms.Jill Benz -
"I was very satisfied. My face whitened, my arms and legs are firmer and more attractive. I'm confident at every event now. All thanks to Infiniz Clinic.”
- "Fan Krusuda Wanma" Host/Actress -
"If I knew how it was gonna be, I'd have let Infiniz Clinic take care of me a long time ago. I love it, and everyone says I'm beautiful. I'm very impressed. Thank you Infiniz Clinic.”
- Khun Oh-Ae -
"Thank you for making my face always handsome and radiant. I'm much more confident now when I go to work. I’ll definitely reuse services and become a regular customer.”
- "Nichpasid Panuchittiwong" Host -
Come for HA Filler injections from expert skin doctors at Infiniz Clinic
Would you like to do away with wrinkles and sagging facial skin? We recommend high quality HA Filler injections by our expert skin doctors at Infiniz Clinic. Call 098-828-5444.
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